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Quality and Service Commitment:

Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co., Ltd. always puts the product quality and the interests of its clients first, insists that there is no best and only better service purpose. We will provide quality products and perfect on-site service and after-sales service according to various commitments. The specific commitments are as follows:

1. Guarantee to provide complete sets of oil equipment and accessories on time.

2. To ensure that the installation and commissioning of qualified inspection in one time.

3. Guaranteed to provide users with high-quality materials and preferential prices.

4. The new products and processes we have developed will be given priority to our customers.

5. The free training operation technicians to ensure that the trainers can operate oil machine independently.

6. During the installation process, we will appoint an installation supervisor on site.

7. We will appoint an experienced project manager to organize a full-scale technical installation team to perform on-site installation and commissioning.

8. After the equipment is assembled and installed on site, we will be responsible for the single-machine commissioning, on-line commissioning, and commissioning of the equipment to ensure normal operation of the equipment under full load conditions. We will provide various materials and records as required by the invitation to bid. Within one month after acceptance, we will provide customers with qualified completion files according to relevant customer requirements.

9. During the warranty period of the equipment, due to the damage caused by the quality of the equipment itself, we will repair or replace the spare parts for free. Due to damage caused by the customer's reasons, we only charge for material costs for repair or replacement. After the customer informs us, we will propose ways to solve the problem within 6 hours, or within 24 hours to send people to the scene to solve the problem, within 48 hours after the foreign visa comes out.

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