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  • How to Ensure the Service Life of Screw Oil Pressing Equipment Aug 15, 2019

    If you want the complete set of screw oil pressing equipment have a long service life, maintenance and maintenance is a more effective method. The each part of the screw oil pressing machine which is frequently-maintained will be in the bes

  • Cleaning of Oil Processing Equipment Is an Important Task Aug 14, 2019

    During the work of oil processing machine , we must not forget to clean up. Today, Huatai Oil Machinery, a cereals and oils processing equipment manufacturer, analyzes the significance of cleaning and the method of cleaning for you. (1) Inc

  • Will Rice Bran Oil Extraction Machine Damage the Nutrients in the Oil? Aug 09, 2019

    As an important oil processing equipment, rice bran oil extraction machinery plays an important role in the oil production. However, any oil processing equipment at working will inevitably cause certain damage to the original nutrients in t

  • Cold Pressing Process of Rapeseed Oil Aug 06, 2019

    The process of cold pressing rapeseed oil by oil press machine is to extract the oil directly through external pressure without steaming and frying the oil. The step of steaming and frying is reduced, and the damage to oil cells and nutrien

  • The Notes for Oil Extraction Machinery during Operation Aug 02, 2019

    The Notes for Oil Extraction Machinery during Operation The oil extraction machine should always pay more attention to whether the operation is standard when running. Because the operation of the oil extraction equipment is directly related

  • The Business Office of Huatai Oil Machinery Established in Almaty, Kazakhstan Jul 31, 2019

    In July 25th 2019, the Business Office of Huatai Oil Machinery established officially of in Almaty, Kazakhstan. General Manager of Central Asia region, Zhang Junli, Sales Manager of International Business Department Qin Huifang and General

  • How to Choose the Solvent of the Oil Extraction Equipment Jul 30, 2019

    The solvents required for oil solvent equipment in the process of oil production, which physical and chemical properties directly affect the oil-making effect of the oil extraction equipment, and also have a certain impact on human health.

  • The Temperature Control in Oil Refining Equipment Jul 23, 2019

    The temperature control of oil refining equipment is especially important for the color and lustre of edible oil. If the temperature in oil refining equipment is too high. First, it will cause the oil to return color. Second, it will affect

  • The Factors Affecting the Deodorization of Oil Refining Equipment Jul 18, 2019

    When using cooking oil refining equipment , it has a necessary process, that is the oil deodorization. Then, what factors will affect the process of deodorization? Generally, it is mainly affected by the following six aspects: 1. The Temper

  • Flaxseed Oil - The Great Way in Daily Life Jul 17, 2019

    Flaxseed oil is a kind of vegetable oil made from flaxseed. Flaxseed oil is rich in essential fatty acid -linolenic acid, and its nutritional value has been highly recognized. As a high-grade vegetable oil with extensive properties, in addi