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  • What Are the Functions of Small-scale Cooking Oil Refining Unit Dec 13, 2019

    Small-scale cooking oil refining unit can be used for processing oilseeds such as rice bran oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, walnut oil, palm oil and etc. It is working for degumming, decoloring and deodorizing by heating and stirring the cru

  • Production Process of Fragrant Peanut Oil by Complete Oil Pressing Equipment Dec 12, 2019

    The production process of Luzhou-flavored peanut oil produced by complete edible oil equipment is similar to that of other oils, but there are still differences. So what is the process technology of the Luzhou-flavored peanut oil production

  • How to Improve Peanut Oil Yield Dec 05, 2019

    Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of complete sets of oil press equipment . It has its own independent design and innovation team on oil processing machinery. The following by henan huatai oil machi

  • Cold Press or Hot Press for Oil Press Equipment? Nov 29, 2019

    With the popularity of the oil press equipment sales market, more and more users want to join the industry of oil press machinery . However, in the process of purchasing the oil machinery, there is a big trouble, which is that it is better

  • China Huatai Machinery Invites You to Attend The UZ Agro Expo Nov 26, 2019

    China Henan Huatai Machinery invites you to attend the UZ Agro Expo Exhibition Name: UZ Agro Expo Address: Uzexpocentre, Tashkent, Uzbekistan Date: 27-29 November, 2019 Booth No.: D09, Pavilion No. 1

  • Customer-customized Small Tea Seed Oil Refining Unit Will Be Shipped Nov 22, 2019

    Customer-customized small tea seed oil refining unit will be shipped sooner. Material: Stainless steel Heating method: electric heating Advantage: Complete set of equipment, small footprint, light weight, low energy consumption, safe and ea

  • Welcome to Visit Our Booth at Bangladesh Exhibition Nov 22, 2019

    Exhibition Name: 9th Agro Bangladesh Expo 2019 6th Rice Grain Tech Expo Bangladesh Address: International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) Dhaka, Bangladesh Date: 21-23 November, 2019 Booth No: 138, Hall-1

  • Pretreatment Operations before Extracting Rice Bran Oil from Oil Equipment Nov 21, 2019

    Before extracting rice bran oil, the oil equipment needs to be pre-treated, including steaming and frying, granulating and puffing. The following professional manufacturer of oil equipment Henan Huatai Machinery will introduce you to these

  • The Nutritional Value of Refined Rice Bran Oil Nov 15, 2019

    Rice bran oil has a high nutritional value after refining, and now is a relatively healthy and nutritious edible oil. Loved by people, it has become a daily cooking oil in Western countries. The following professional manufacturer of refine

  • Huatai Oil Machinery Attends Exhibition in Nigeria Nov 08, 2019

    Exhibition Name:Lagos intl trade fair Exhibition Time: Nov 6-9th, 2019 Exhibition Hall: Tafawa Balewa Square Exhibition Address: 45/57 Massey Bamgboshe Street, Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria Booth No: 2-B33 Our sales managers are waiting for y