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  • Henan Huatai Analysis of Processing Process of Oil Pressing Machinery Sep 18, 2019

    For different oil raw materials, the production process of the oil press machinery is different, but generally it will contain the following several processes. The edible oil machinery manufacturer Henan Huatai Oil Machinery will introduce

  • What Operation Steps Are Required for Rice Bran Oil Refining Equipment Sep 12, 2019

    After the rice bran is pressed or extracted by the edible oil equipment, it also contains certain free fatty acids, bran waxes, phospholipids, proteins, pigments, etc. If it is used as an cooking oil, it needs to be processed by rice bran o

  • Welcome to Visit Huatai Oil Machinery at Palmex Indonesia Sep 10, 2019

    Welcome to Visit Huatai Oil Machinery at Palmex Indonesia Exhibition: Palmex Indonesia Date: 8-10, Oct 2019 Address: Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel Convention, Medan JL.Kapten Maulana Lubis No.7 Medan 20112, Sumatra Utara, Indonesia. Booth

  • How to Protect the Life Safety of Motor of Oil Extraction Equipment Sep 06, 2019

    We all know that the motor is the power system of the oil extraction machinery, so its importance is obvious. The oil extraction equipment is no exception. The correct protection of the motor can extend its service life! The following is a

  • Oil Refining Equipment Removes Impurities from Soybean Oil Sep 05, 2019

    As we all know, soybean oil is a consumption oil for edible oils. It has rich nutritional value and is a common choice for home consumption. The quality of soybean oil has been improved once again after it has been processed by oil refining

  • Corrosion Prevention of Oil Extraction Equipment and Pipelines Aug 28, 2019

    In the last article we discussed the causes of corrosion in oil extraction equipment, then we introduce how to prevent corrosion and reduce the effect of corrosion. Five effective preventive measures are introduced, which are: strengthen th

  • Causes of Corrosion in Oil Extraction Equipment and Pipelines Aug 26, 2019

    Based on the actual work experience of engineers, the corrosion problems of oil extraction machinery and pipelines are studied. The main causes of corrosion are discussed from the aspects of atmosphere, cooling water, mixed oil, dissolved s

  • The Factors Affecting Oilseed Peeling Aug 22, 2019

    Peeling is a very important part of the processing of oil. In the whole process, each oil processing equipment plays a crucial role. The quality of the equipment directly affects the quality of the refined oil and also affects the productio

  • The Structure & Features of New-type Rotocel Rice Bran Oil Extractor Aug 21, 2019

    Since the advent of the American rotocel oil extraction equipment in 1940, it has been developed a variety of efficient rotocel oil extraction equipment through continuous improvement and development from the original low-efficiency pure fi

  • Nongnooch Pattaya International Convention and Exhibition Center(NICE) Aug 19, 2019

    Exhibition Name: Ambassador City Hotel Jomtien Pattaya Exhibition Address: 21/10 Sukhumvit Rd., Na Jomtien, Sattathip, Chonburi 20250, Thailand Booth No: 21 Time: 22-23th, August. 2019 Welcome to visit our booth, and our sales managers will