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  • Huatai Group gets successfully 1000TPD soybean preparation, extraction and refining project in South Jun 11, 2021

    Recently South American Bolivia edible oil company ordered whole set of 1000TPD soybean preparation, extraction and refining equipment from Huatai Group. This is the second cooperation between both parties, and it is also the first complete

  • Method of Refining Crude Oil May 20, 2021

    There are three methods for refining crude oil : 1. Mechanical method: including sedimentation, filtration, centrifugal separation, mainly used to separate some peptic impurities suspended in the oil from mechanical impurities; 2. Chemical

  • Sunflower Oil Processing Technology May 13, 2021

    The processing technology of sunflower oil is generally divided into oil pressing method and oil extraction method (oil refining method). Sunflower seeds p retreatment and pressing process : sunflower seedscleaning and removing impuritiescr

  • What Equipment Does Cooking Oil Processing Plant Need? Apr 15, 2021

    The oil industry is an important part of my countrys grain, oil and food industry. What equipment is needed to open a cooking oil processing plant ? The equipment required by the oil processing plant includes oil pretreatment equipment, oil

  • Rice Bran Oil Extraction Equipment Mar 19, 2021

    Rice bran oil extraction equipment is a kind of high-grade vegetable rice bran oil sold in the market after the raw materials are cleaned, screened, bran selenium separated, tempered, granulated and sent to the rice bran oil extraction equi

  • Treatment of Meal after Oil Solvent Extraction Mar 10, 2021

    After the wet meal is desolventized, its temperature and moisture need to be adjusted, and sometimes it needs to be sieved and crushed. With the development of the feed industry and breeding industry, the demand for meal has increased, and

  • Soybean Oil Pretreatment Process Mar 03, 2021

    Soybeans must be pre-treated before entering the oil making equipment. Soybean oil pretreatment process includes cleaning, crushing, softening, rolling, steaming and frying, etc. The quality of soybean pretreatment directly affects the oil

  • Rice Bran Oil Refining Equipment Technology Feb 20, 2021

    The rice bran oil refining equipment adopts physical oil refining technology, including hydration degumming, water washing, drying, degumming, filtration, physical deacidification, decolorization, deodorization, dewaxing, and degreasing. Th

  • What is The Complete Set of Oil Press Machine? Jan 22, 2021

    The complete set of oil press equipment is indispensable for setting up oil press workshops and small edible oil processing plants. What is the complete set of equipment for the oil press? The complete set of oil press equipment mainly incl

  • Peanut Oil Processing Line Jan 15, 2021

    The peanut oil pressing process includes cleaning, peeling, crushing, rolling, cooking and frying, and pressing. The process of pressing peanut oil: (1) Acceptance of raw materials and auxiliary materials (2) Storage (3) Magnetic separation