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Company Introduction:

Our company is the biggest oil machine manufacturing enterprise integrated research, development, design, manufacture and installation in China with 60 years history. Our main projects are 30~5000T/D Oilseeds Pretreatment Project, 30~5000T/D Oilseeds Extraction Project, 10~500T/D Crude Oil Refining Project, 10~500T/D Oil Fractionation Project, Biodiesel Project, Oilseeds Protein and Phospholipid Project, Grain Deep Processing Project.

We are national key manufacturing enterprise of complete set of oil machinery,outstanding corporate member of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association,Chinese Top 100 cereals enterprise, high-tech enterprise and provincial enterprise abiding by contracts and keeping promises. Registered trademarks Chinese Top 10 grain machine brand" and Henan provincial famous brand.

We have 580 staffs, including 80 intermediate & senior technicians and engineers and 78 welders with boiler & pressure vessel welding certificates.We have 8 production workshops and 2 machining workshops. Our factory occupies 100000m² including main workshop area of 65000m2,with over 120 sets of advanced processing equipments, such as jacket forming machine, coiling pipe bender, lathes, milling machines, double housing planers, drilling machines, etc.

28 years to focus on the development, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and sale of oil machinery, as China's top 500 enterprises of high quality partners, 26 patented products, 3 international awards, 2 national awards, 2 provincial awards, is the national key oil machinery complete sets of  equipment manufacturing enterprises, Chinese Cereals and Oils Association Branch outstanding member units, with the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued D1, D2 grade pressure vessel design permits, D1, D2 grade pressure vessel manufacturing license, pressure pipes design licenses, pressure piping installation permit, organic heat carrier boiler manufacturing license, installation license, and electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering three contracting qualification. Business with a global scope, the medium-sized raw grain storage projects, large and medium oil processing project, rice bran oil plant, palm fruit oil mill, soy protein equipment, cottonseed dephenolizing protein technology, corn grits processing line, grains processing machines, bio-diesel project, lignite wax extraction plant.

Product advantage:
◆ Design——out of the ordinary, Details of excellence
◆ Performance——Reliability or Stability, energy-efficient
◆ Use——Easy operation and maintenance
◆ Cost——Significant investment and value

Main Project Scope:
● 30~5000T/D Oilseeds Pretreatment Project
● 30~5000T/D Oilseeds Extraction Project
● 10~500T/D Crude Oil Refining Project
● 10~500T/D Oil Fractionation Project
● Oil Interesterification Project
● Oilseeds Protein and Phospholipid Project
● Natural Pigment Extraction Project
● Grain Deep Processing Project

Typical Projects:
● 30~1000T/D Rice Bran Pretreatment, Expanding and Extraction Project
● 30~600T/D First Grade Rice Bran Oil Refining Project
● 150~1000T/D Cottonseed Dephenolizing Protein Project
● 10~1000T/D Palm Fruit Oil Production Project
● 10~500T/D  Non Acid Method Biodiesel Production Project
● 10~2000T/D Maize Deep Processing Project

Newest Technology:
● Energy Saving Oil Vacuum Deodorization Technology
● Concentrated protein extraction technology
● Miscella Extraction Project
● Miscella Refining Project
● Molecular distillation technology
● Broken rice desaccharification technology
● Continuous lignite extraction technology(first in Asia)

Company workshop:

As our production scale expands gradually and output value benefits increases year by year, we have developed into the biggest manufacture base of grain and edible oil machinery in China.

Over the years, we have always been adhering to the development purpose of "survive by top quality, develop by technology and innovation",and carrying out the brand strategy of "highlighting main products and cultivating specialty products".

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