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What is The Complete Set of Oil Press Machine?


The complete set of oil press equipment is indispensable for setting up oil press workshops and small edible oil processing plants. What is the complete set of equipment for the oil press?

The complete set of oil press equipment mainly includes three parts: oil press, frying pan and oil filter. When purchasing oil press equipment, due to different investment costs, pressing raw materials and pressing processes, the complete set of oil press equipment to be purchased includes feeder, frying pan, screw conveyor, oil press, centrifugal oil filter, etc. 

The application of the complete set of oil press equipment:

1. The feeder can transport the oil to the wok, saving labor and time. The frying, pressing and filtering work can generally be completed by 1-2 people.

2. The frying pan is divided into ordinary frying pan and electric frying pan. Ordinary frying pan is cheap and low in cost. The cost of electric frying pan is higher than that of ordinary frying pan, and it is mainly suitable for county or urban areas. When purchasing a complete set of oil press equipment, users can choose appropriate oil press equipment according to the overall budget.

3. Using screw conveyors can save manpower, reduce labor costs and increase efficiency.

4. The oil press produced by Hutai Oil Machine can squeeze a variety of vegetable oils. The oil press has high oil output rate, large output, low noise and small area.

5. Oil filter, also called centrifugal oil filter, is a key equipment that affects the quality of finished oil. Edible oil filtration is the last process in the processing of a complete set of equipment for the oil press. The working principle of the oil filter is that the drum produces strong centrifugal force under high-speed rotation, so that toxic impurities such as phospholipid colloids in the edible oil can be separated from the oil. After the drum stops rotating, the filtered pure oil flows out from the drum holes. The filtered edible oil will not foam or overflow the pot during consumption.

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