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What Is the Cottonseed Oil Manufacturing Process by Mechanical Pressing?


We have oil plants that come with seeds and they include soybeans, rapeseed, mustard, sunflower, peanut, palm oil, and cotton amongst others. All these products are important for commercial purposes and for domestic use, can be used for cooking oil, salads, and margarine. Their by-products can also be useful, such as the cottonseed, its by product linter can be used for making string, balls paper, and cellulose products among other. Certainly, the one of the most important purposes of cottonseed plantation is to produce cottonseed oil. So, how the cottonseed is made? what kind of machinery the cottonseed oil manufacturing is needed?

What is the Mechanical Cottonseed Oil Manufacturing Process?

Cleaning & Husking: The cottonseeds are winded and magnetized to remove impurities and then fed uniformly into the sheller by a constant feeding device. In the process of husking, special attention should be paid to the size of cottonseed after husking in order to reduce the powder degree of husking. Kernels should contain no more than 10% shell after separation.

Softening: The softening effect will directly affect the working state of the cottonseed oil extraction process and the quality of the final product. Its softening temperature, time and moisture are very important. The softening of cottonseed is usually done in a three - or four-layer vertical steam wok.

Flaking: In the flaking process, it is required that the thickness of the blank after the flaking shall not exceed 0.5mm. The flaking is firm and the powder is small. The flaking must be dried and then cold-pressed by the press to be formed.

Oil Extraction: After pretreatment, the material is transported to the oil pressing workshop, where the pretreated materials are transported to the cottonseed oil expeller to squeeze the oil out. The whole cottonseed oil extraction process may need several times to ensure the high oil output. Then, the crude cottonseed oil is made and the cottonseed oil cake is discharged for next processing for feed or other usages.

Oil Refining: Since the crude cottonseed oil contains high content of gossypol, it needed to be refined to improve the quality and ensure the final refined cottonseed oil is completely safe for eating. The general refining process in cottonseed oil mills is degumming, deacification, decolorizing, deordorizing, and fractionation.

What Equipment Needed for Cottonseed Oil Manufacturing?

One of the widely used machine used in cottonseed oil manufacturing plant is screw cottonseed oil machine, a type of cottonseed oil machinery. It’s very simple in nature and can be used to extract oil from various seed plants. The screw cottonseed oil press is a mini cottonseed oil machine that can be used for small-scale extraction oil plants. Some of the seed plants that be extracted by it are soybeans, peanut, sunflower, copra, rapeseed, palm kernel, mustard seed, and more.

This machine as some added advantage on top of its features, it comes in smaller size. Another thing is that one will not require technical training to operate it, easy to use. Also, the mechanism of the machine in advance, it can lot maximum quantity within 24 hours without stopping. The machine is easy to install and one will not require an expert to do so. The only requirement that can be focused on when purchasing the machine is to know the basic operating procedures and maintenance since it can be used for various oil plants extraction, cleanliness for the cottonseeds is also vital.

Cottonseed Oil Manufacturing Machine Features and Benefits

1. The machine is compact and ergonomic, its size is small and can fit in any room, therefore, one does not need a warehouse to install the machine.
2. It’s compatible and can extract various oilseed plant, the machine has proven to be very productive, it can extract oil seed from soybeans, sunflower, rapeseed, cotton amongst many others
3. Smooth running for a large turnout, it can run for 24 hours without developing issues with the operator, gives great production per day.
4. It’s made from cast iron, this helps it to last long because there will be minimal tear and wear.
5. It is easy to maintain, the machine doesn’t have complicated compartments that are sensitive. The operator will have no burden to replace parts more often, the machine is purely mechanical.
6. Easy to operate, it works in a simple way and does not require one to have technical capabilities. This applies the mechanical aspect that can be seen and done rather than the tough to learn electrical machines.
7. It has average rotating speed and gearbox, this enables it to give maximum production according to its size and production rate.

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