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What Equipment Does Cooking Oil Processing Plant Need?


The oil industry is an important part of my country's grain, oil and food industry. What equipment is needed to open a cooking oil processing plant? The equipment required by the oil processing plant includes oil pretreatment equipment, oil pressing equipment, oil extraction equipment, and oil refining equipment.
Oil processing technology and process:
1. Making oil by pressing method (take peanuts as an example) cleaning → peeling → crushing → embryo rolling → steaming and frying → pressing → peanut crude oil
2. Oil production by extraction method (take soybean as an example) cleaning → crushing → softening → rolling embryo → extraction → evaporation → steam stripping → soybean crude oil
3. Oil refining crude oil → filtration → hydration (degumming) → alkali refining (deacidification) → decolorization → deodorization → refined oil

Equipment required for oil processing plant:
1. Edible oil pressing plant (1) Screening equipment; (2) Crushing equipment; (3) Softening equipment; (4) Embryo rolling equipment; (5) Steaming and frying equipment; (6) Pressing equipment ; (7) Peeling equipment (oil that needs to be peeled); (8) Auxiliary equipment.
2. Oil extraction plant (1) screening equipment; (2) crushing equipment; (3) softening equipment; (4) embryo rolling equipment; (5) extractor; (6) evaporator; (7) stripper; ( 8) Steaming offline; (9) Auxiliary equipment.
3. Grease refinery (1) filtration equipment; (2) degumming equipment (refinery, centrifuge); (3) alkali refining equipment (refinery, centrifuge); (4) decolorization equipment (decolorization tower); (5) ) Deodorization equipment (deodorization tower); (6) Dewaxing equipment (when dewaxing is required); (7) Packaging equipment; (8) Auxiliary equipment.

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