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What Equipment Does A Sunflower Oil Processing Plant Need?


The main equipment used in the sunflower oil processing plant is sunflower seed pretreatment equipment, sunflower oil pre-press, sunflower oil press machine, sunflower oil extraction machine, sunflower oil refining equipment, and simple wok and oil press equipment. Depending on the daily processing capacity of sunflower seeds, there will be some differences in equipment.

Small sunflower oil processing plants with a daily processing capacity of between 0.5 tons and 10 tons only need simple sunflower oil processing equipment to meet their needs. Huatai Machinery recommends using drum wok and oil press machine as sunflower oil processing equipment. The drum wok can adjust the cell state of sunflower seeds, making it easier to flow out of sunflower seeds. The oil press machine can extract sunflower oil from sunflower seeds by mechanical extrusion. There are also many types of drum woks and oil presses to choose from.

Large-scale sunflower oil processing plants with a daily processing capacity of more than 10 tons can choose the pressing method to process sunflower oil or the extraction method to process sunflower oil.

To process sunflower oil by pressing method, it is necessary to choose a complete set of sunflower oil pressing equipment, including sunflower seed pretreatment equipment, sunflower oil pre-pressing machine and sunflower oil pressing machine. After being processed by the sunflower seed pretreatment equipment, and then squeezed by the pre-press and the squeezer, most of the oil in the sunflower seed is squeezed out, and the residual oil rate in the meal is only 6%, which greatly reduces losses of large sunflower oil processing plants.

Large-scale sunflower oil processing plants choose the extraction method to extract oil from sunflower seeds, that is, extract sunflower oil using the principle of mutual dissolution of oil and solvent. The equipment needed to process sunflower oil by this method includes sunflower seed pretreatment equipment, sunflower oil pre-press machine, sunflower oil extraction equipment and sunflower oil refining equipment.

Huatai Oil Machinery has been independently researching and developing sunflower oil processing equipment. It has experienced technical personnel and can configure sunflower oil processing equipment according to the characteristics and output of the customer's oilseed to meet the different needs of customers. Welcome new and old customers to visit our factory and website: http://www.cnoilequipment.com/
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