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The Combination of Pressing and Extrusion Technology


Although screw press is the core equipment for oil mill, its potential can be used to the fullest when coordinating with fitting pretreatment machine for oilseed.

The cooking oil pretreatment process is vital for getting the oil from oilseed cell structure. However, complete destroy of cell will lead to power product which lack of enough structural strength. The normal flaking section can solve that situation. Similar phenomenon is just like the control of oilseed dehulling. Among sunflower seed and canola/rapeseed, some hull obtained strengthen the structure.

Good flaking is the key to success, especially in pre-press and extraction process. The preparing of oilseeds (steam-cooking, DTDC) should adjust temperature and humidity.

The feature of pre-pressing is big processing amount, getting moderate oil from oilseed firstly. Solvent extraction can tolerate the pre-treatment problems of pressing oil cake among high-content oilseed. However, solvent extraction is more economic than physical press.

Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co., Ltd not only provide the oil seeds mill solutions, but also the processing of oilseeds cake. If you have any questions about oilseeds, welcome to contact us.


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