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Soybean Oil Refining Equipment

Soybean Oil Refining Equipment

Description:Soybean oil refining equipment makes the highest efficiency crude soya oil refinery with the lowest solvent residual and lowest environmental pollution.

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Type: Crude soybean oil refining

Capacity: 30-1500T/D

Processing Material: crude soybean oil

Application: high efficiency oil refining from soybean oil, cottonseed oil, rapeseed oil, camellia seed oil, corn germ oil, rice bran oil, sunflower seed oil etc.

Soybean Oil Refining Plant Introduction:

Extracted and desolventized soy oil must be further processed to make an edible product. Soybean oil refining equipment uses scientific processing configuration of continuous refining process, including degumming, decolorizing, deodorization and vacuum section, providing the highest efficiency. Edible oils are refined to improve the flavor, odor, color and stability using processes that degum, neutralize, bleach and deodorize the oil. These refining processes remove contaminants such as phosphatides, free fatty acids and pro-oxidants..

Soybean Oil Refining Plant Process Flow Chart:

Decolorizing section: The neutralized oil exchange heat with crude oil, heating to 90℃-120℃, part of it (about 20%) get into the pre-mixer to mix with bleaching clay(3% of oil weight), the other part enter the decolorizing tower( temperature is about 110℃), after decolorizing, put into the filter, after polishing filtration, the oil into decolorizing storage tank.

Deodorization section: Make use of the big volatility difference between odor material and triglyceride, under conditions of high temperature and high vacuum, use vapor distillation to desorption odor matter. (gas-liquid surface in contact, vapor can saturation by odor matter and then overflow).

Vacuum assisted section: The gas come from vacuum system to cooling by circulation water pressure, the pressured water circulate between the hot well and vacuum system cooler. Before entering into the vacuum system, the circulate pressure water use cold water to cooling between the two closed cycle cooler. The initial cooling water is neat, the absorbed gas into vacuum system to polluted. to avoid the jam of closed cycle cooler, bit alkali lye into the hot well water by quantitative tank of quantitative pump. The alkali can make the water becomes slightly alkaline, neutralize with fatty acid form to soap. the excess condensing water contains absorbed gas and power steam . Under the condition of stable running, it will not need supplementary water, totally install three circulate closed cooler, one is a standby, and the other two are running.

The Advantages of Soybean Oil Refinery:

1) After refining the impurity of oil must be less than 0.2%;
2) Recycling system save power and money;
3) Lower oil waste;
4) No solid sediment in low temperature.

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