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Soybean Oil Pretreatment & Pressing Machine

Soybean Oil Pretreatment & Pressing Machine

Description:Soybean pretreatment makes further preparation for soybean oil solvent extraction and oil pressing process. It enables high quality soybean oil production effectively.

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Type: Soybean oil pretreatment and pre-pressing equipment

Processing Material: Soybean

Capacity: 30-5000T/D

Application: Soybean oil pretreatment and pressing machine will have the process section of cleaning, stones removal, magnetic selection, crushing, softening, flaking, drying and so on.

Soybean oil pretreatment and pressing machine introduction:

Soybean pretreatment is important section to remove impurity caused during soybean harvest, transportation and storage. Before soybeans enter into oil production plant, further cleaning is necessary in order to reduce impurity content within the scope of technical requirements, and ensure soybean oil production process result and finished soybean oil quality.

Process flow of soybean oil pretreatment: Soybean → cleaning → stones removal → magnetic selection → crushing → softening → flaking → drying → to extraction workshop.

1) Magnetic Separation: It adopts magnetic power to remove magnetic metal impurity inside soybean raw materials.

2) Soybean Cleaning: It removes inorganic impurities, organic impurities and oil impurities inside soybeans.

3) Soybean Conditioning: It can regulate moisture and temperature of soybean until softening, which can increase ductility of soybean. Soybean is low oil content oilseeds with hard structure, thus powder control is important for convenience of further soybean oil extraction.

4) Soybean Crushing: Mechanical method can broke soybean into small particles. Roller crusher is adopted to crush soybean for convenience of soybean flaking process.

5) Soybean Flaking: It cover pressing process from the granular formation into sheet. The purpose of soybean flaking is destroy soybean tissue, create condition for steaming and roasting, make easily oil separation in soybean oil solvent extraction. Soybean flaking requires thin embryo, uniform surface, less powder, no oil reveal. Powder controls at 1mm mesh sieve material not exceed 10-15%, soybean flakes to 0.25-0.35mm.

6) Soybean Extrusion: Soybean extrusion uses extrusion equipment to crush, flake, and change soybean into porous puffed pellets.

Soybean peeling method:

a. Cold peeling, that regulate the water to about 10%, stored at room temperature for 24h-72h a "tempering" kernel slowly make skin loose, long time.
b. Thermal peeling, namely soybean feedstock rapid heating of hot air, the moisture falls in favor of crushing 9%-10%, then the skin, kernel temperature, and skin has been dry brittle,it is also beneficial peeling. The time is short, about 20min;
c. POP blasting method, that is, first of soybean heating in a fluidized bed (about 20min) heated to about 60℃, and then 70-80℃ (up to 140℃) thermal wind 1min, so Yuba rapid bursts, then go separation.

Soybean dehulling technology requirements:

(1) High peeling rate (80%-95%);
(2) Fewer degrees (1%-5%) powder;
(3) Low thermal denaturation (dry heat treatment, hot air temperature is up to 125℃, and the protein denaturation rate is extremely low).

Full fat soybean milk powder, edible protein isolate powder peeling rate in more than 95%, while the 44% protein feeding defatted meal is generally do not need peeling. Can first peeling 60%-85% solvent oil extraction (which can improve the equipment capacity), then the shell after crushing all or part of mixed back meal.

Soybean hot dehulling process characteristics:

1) Cancel the storage hopper before peeling, greatly shorten the production cycle (10-20min) to improve the processing quantity;
2) High peeling rate reaches above 90%, skin containing kernel powder rate of less than2%, less loss of oil;
3) The heating time is short, the protein denaturation rate is low, the water soluble protein loss less;
4) Does not require reheating before flaking, and also take advantage of the waste heat;
5) The workshop hygiene, good working environment.

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