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Popular Uses and Benefits of Tea Seed Oil


Tea seed oil, olive oil, coconut oil and palm oil are known as the four major woody vegetable oils. Tea seed oil is known as "Oriental tree of the world" and Tea seed oil as "liquid gold". Tea seed oil, also known as Camellia oil, it is a pure natural high-grade edible vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of Camellia sinensis. Its color is golden or light yellow, the quality is pure, clear and transparent. Tea oil contains no erucic acid, cholesterol, aflatoxin and other additives. The tests show that the unsaturated fatty acids in tea oil are up to 90%, oleic acid 80-83%, linoleic acid 7-13%, and it is rich in protein and vitamins A, B, D, E, etc. Especially the linolenic acid is necessary for human body but cannot be synthesized.

Monounsaturated acids can lower the content of saturated and low-density cholesterol in the body and prevent cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease. The higher the monounsaturated acid, the better. The proportion of monounsaturated acid in various edible oils is: wild tea seed oil 78%, olive oil 75%, peanut oil 45%, corn oil and soybean oil 23%, sunflower oil 18%, vegetable oil 15%. Tea seed oil has the highest monounsaturated acid, and the proportion is also the most suitable for human needs. Tea seed oil is the most intimate oil with the human body. It can be quickly absorbed by the body when it is applied to the skin. Tea seed oil can not only be eaten, medicinal, but also the base oil for women's baby skin care products and essential oils. In addition, the vitamin E in tea seed oil is rich which twice as much as olive oil is. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant in non-enzymatic antioxidant system, which can delay human aging and resist arteriosclerosis.

Tea seed oil has so many functions, it is no wonder that it is favored by more and more people. There are many kinds of tea oil processing technology, such as pressing, extracting, etc. In the tea oil processing, the temperature cannot be too high, such as high temperature will produce chemical components, which is another important factor causing the deterioration of tea oil, According to these characteristics, Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd has designed the best scheme specially for the extraction of tea seed, the equipment runs stable and reliable. We use special desolventizer-toaster for tea seed cake, and conveying equipment adopts mining machinery chain, with twice lifetime as ordinary chain. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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