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Peanut Oil Processing Line


The peanut oil pressing process includes cleaning, peeling, crushing, rolling, cooking and frying, and pressing.

The process of pressing peanut oil:
(1) Acceptance of raw materials and auxiliary materials
(2) Storage
(3) Magnetic separation
Use magnets to remove magnetic impurities in peanuts.
(4) Classification
Separate the big peanuts from the small peanuts, then the large peanuts for fry seeds, and the small peanuts for squeezing.
(5) Screening
Taking advantage of the difference in particle size and weight of peanuts and impurities, with the help of the relative movement of peanuts and impurities on the screen surface, a plane rotary sieve with a size of 18╳22 is used to remove large and small impurities and light impurities in peanuts.
(6) Broken
The peanuts are crushed into 4-6 petals with a crusher, so that they have a certain particle size that meets the conditions of rolling embryos. The crushed peanuts are required to have uniform particle size, no oil, no agglomeration, and less powder.
(7) Rolling embryo
A single pair of roll blanking machine is used to roll the blanks into thin and uniform blanks. The billet is required to have a small powder degree, no oil leakage, and a thickness of 0.5 mm or less.
(8) Steamed and fried
Destroy peanut cell structure, denature protein, phospholipid absorbs water and swells to meet the requirement of squeezing, increase oil yield and reduce phospholipid content.
(9) Squeezing
Processed peanuts are squeezed using edible oil pressing equipment

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