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How to Get Oil from Rice Bran?


To get oil from rice bran mainly uses solvent extraction method. Do you know why? Because the oil content of rice bran is very low, about 10−23%. Using solvent extraction method can make the residual oil rate less than 1%, but if using press method, the residual oil rate may be 6%-7%, which will cause enormous loss of oil.

If you want to use solvent extraction method to extract rice bran oil, you must collect more than 30 tons rice bran per day, because it is the smallest input capacity of rice bran oil solvent extraction plant. You can choose to cooperate with several rice milling plant to obtain enough rice bran. A data which maybe help you, is that 100kg brown rice can get 5-8kg rice bran. So you should seek the rice milling plant whose input capacity is about 400-600 tons per day.

Then what machines do you need to buy for using solvent extraction method to extract rice bran oil?

Firstly, the rice bran bought from rice milling plant should be processed by several machines for achieving better effect of solvent extraction. This process is called rice bran oil pretreatment process, in which it will use four kinds of machines: chaff rotary sifter, conditioner, puffing machine and plate dryer.

The functions of each machine:

a. Chaff rotary sifter: to separate the rice bran and broken rice.

b. Conditioner: to adjust the moisture and temperature of rice bran.

c. Puffing machine: to change the inner structure of rice bran, make it softer and more easily to extract oil by solvent.

d. Plate dryer: to cool and dry the rice bran, make it store for long time, avoid becoming rancidity quickly.

After pretreatment, rice bran will be sent into rice bran oil solvent extraction plant. Rice bran oil solvent extraction plant includes four systems: Solvent extraction system, D.T.D.C system, Mixed oil evaporation and stripping system and Solvent cooling and recycling system.

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