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How Can You Extract Oil from Rice Bran?


How the rice bran oil extracted? Actually, the rice bran oil extraction includes many different process. And the actual rice bran oil processing is different based on the actual capacity. Typically the solvent extraction and physical mechanical extraction are the most popular rice bran oil extraction technology. And solvent extraction requires large investment and is more suitable for large scale rice bran oil mill plant, while the physical mechanical extraction is suitable for both small and large scale rice bran oil mill plant.

Rice Bran Oil Mill Plant – Extraction Process

Cleaning: Use professional rice bran cleaning machine to remove stone, straw and other impurities inside rice bran, which can also increase the oil yield.
Conditioning: This process is to change the properties of rice bran and makes it easier for granulation.
Granulation: This process is to put all the rice bran into granule and expand the contacting areas so as to improve the oil extraction rate.
Extraction: Use screw oil press machine to extract oil from the processed rice bran. This process can get the crude rice bran oil and is also the most important part about how to extract rice bran oil. Rice bran oil extraction machine is the key equipment for a rice bran oil.

Refining: If you want to get the high quality rice bran oil that meet the standards, it is better to have the rice bran oil refining equipment to process the crude rice bran oil.

This is the main process to extract rice bran oil. However, the detailed process may have some adjustments based on the actual capacity and production conditions. The rice bran oil extraction machinery cost is also decided by the process and capacity.


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