Henan huatai and Bangladesh customer signed 100T / D rice bran oil production line equipment contract_Oil pressing,extraction,refining machine,palm oil machine,edible oil machine
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Henan huatai and Bangladesh customer signed 100T / D rice bran oil production line equipment contract


rice bran oil making machine factory

Congratulations Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co., Ltd in April 9, 2015 and Bangladesh Nahar Farmers Rice Bran Oil Industries Ltd signed 100T / D rice bran oil pretreatment machine, 100T / D bran oil extraction machine, 20T / D rice bran oil refining equipment contracts.

After comparing many rice bran oil production line factory, The rice bran oil making equipment customers final decision cooperation with Henan Huatai. Customers choose Huatai production rice bran oil production line equipment, because we are China's leading enterprises of oil production equipment at home and abroad and enjoy a good reputation.

Henan Huatai rice bran oil equipment production line equipment with high quality, high production efficiency, the oil is high, good service and so on,which is the preferred customer feel comfortable edible oil mill equipment. At the same time, the production of rice bran oil production equipment of Huatai obtain the title of national patent products.

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