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Henan Huatai palm fruit oil extraction equipment exported to Thailand


Thailand, a major palm oil production and processing enterprises late last year on the new 60T / H palm oil machine projects, Sterilizater is the core part of the project, the company's right to kill the fermentation tank manufacturing production very seriously. After the study, they decided to invite a powerful enterprise specialized processing production project in vertical fermentation tank to kill. Through a number of grain and oil machinery manufacturing and processing enterprise for comparison, the final choice by the Henan Huatai to do the Sterilizaters project.

palm oil processing machine-Sterilizater tank

Meanwhile sterilizater made stainless steel lining inside to ensure the production of oil, but also extend the life of the tank to solve the acidity of the body material corrosion problems. Henan Huatai art also kill the fermentation tank door has been transformed out of material, the use of hydraulic automatic rotary locking mode, no manual operation, to ensure the personal safety of staff of the high-pressure environment. And kill yeast pipes are full-intake system, without leaving any dead ends, to ensure that the effect of killing the yeast material for future station to lay a foundation, but also to ensure the separation kernel nuclear separation.

After 60 years of development, Henan Huatai edible oil equipment and palm oil processing equipment has achieved very good results in many countries. We always take the customer demand as the goal of the efficient production of high professional edible oil mill equipment.

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