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Henan Huatai Analysis of Processing Process of Oil Pressing Machinery


For different oil raw materials, the production process of the oil press machinery is different, but generally it will contain the following several processes. The edible oil machinery manufacturer Henan Huatai Oil Machinery will introduce you in detail.

1. Remove impurities. Before entering the oil processing plant, the crude oil will contain a certain amount of impurities, such as sediment, stones, iron filings, etc. If not carefully cleaning, it will accelerate the wear of the oil-pressing mechanical parts and reduce the oil yield of the oil-pressing equipment. In severe cases, danger may also occur. The oil extraction equipment used in the process includes cleaning screen, stone removal machine and magnetic separator.

2. Shelling. If the oil shell should be pressed after being peeled, this can increase the production capacity of the oil press machines and oil yield. Supporting oil pressing equipment includes shelling machine, separation screen and separator.

3. Broken. Some oil materials can be pressed as a whole, but others need to be crushed and pressed before being pressed. The oil pressing machinery used is: crusher, rolling machine, etc.

4. Steamed and fried. Steaming and frying is the key link to increase the oil yield. The method used frequently is to wet the oil firstly, then steaming and frying, so that the oil can reach the water and temperature required for oil pressing. The matching oil pressing equipment includes steaming wok and frying pan.

The above is the steps that need to be carried out to press different oils on the oil press machinery. I hope that the introduction of Henan Huatai Oil Machinery, the machine manufacturer, will help you.

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