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Different Refining Processes of Rice Bran Oil


The process of refining rice bran oil includes physical method, chemical method, biological method, etc. The chemical method is familiar to everyone. Today, the oil equipment manufacturer, Henan Huatai Oil Machinery mainly introduces the physical and biological methods of refining rice bran oil.

The process of physical refining rice bran oil is relatively simple, and the refined oil obtained has high quality and fatty acid. The method saves the original auxiliary materials and has less pollution to the water environment, and is more and more widely used in the application of refined rice bran oil. The pretreatment of the chemical method of the rice bran oil equipment includes deacidification and distillation, which directly affects the quality of the finished rice bran oil.

The oil equipment adopts a bio-refining process for rice bran oil, which is suitable for rice bran oil with high acid value. The principle is that according to the biological enzyme, an esterification reaction can be carried out under a certain conditions, and the fatty acid therein is converted into glyceride. Compared with the physical refining process, the method consumes less energy during the rice bran oil refining process and can increase the profitability of the oil company.

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