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Dewaxing Process of Rice Bran Oil Refining Equipment


Rice bran oil contains a certain amount of wax, and its chemical properties are stable and difficult to be digested, which seriously affects the quality, nutrition, taste and color of rice bran oil, and needs to be refined by oil equipment. Henan Huatai Oil Machinery, the manufacturer of cooking oil equipment, analyzes the dewaxing process of rice bran oil refining equipment.

The commonly used method for refining rice bran oil is the freezing dewaxing method, which is mainly divided into crystallization and crystal growth stages according to the characteristics of the low-temperature crystallization of wax in rice bran oil. The crude rice bran oil is stirred and cooled at a temperature of 80 degrees, keeping the temperature unchanged, and after 24 hours of crystal growth, the wax is removed by filtration to obtain refined rice bran oil. The main influence factor of using this process to refine rice bran oil is the cooling rate. The slow stirring of crude rice bran oil collides with waxy molecules to form wax crystals. If the cooling rate is relatively fast, the wax analysis of low melting point and high melting point will be precipitated without collision. The wax crystal system formed is small, large in number, unstable, and difficult to remove by filtration.

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