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Cottonseed Oil Pre-treatment & Pressing Machine

Cottonseed Oil Pre-treatment & Pressing Machine

Description:The production line of cottonseed pretreatment and cottonseed oil pressing machine can process various kinds of cottonseeds with high down content of 7%-8%.

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Type: Cottonseed oil pressing machine, cottonseed oil machine

Processing material: Cottonseed

Capacity: 30-5000T/D

Cotton seed oil content is 16%-27%. The shell of cotton is very solid, before making the oil and protein have to remove the shell. The shell of cotton seed can be used to produce furfural and cultured mushrooms. Lower pile is the raw material of textile, paper, synthetic fiber and nitration of the explosive.

Cottonseed Oil Pretreatment and Pressing Processing Line:

1. Cleaning: It use the high-efficient cleaning screen, specific-gravity destoner and magnetic separations to reach the best cleaning efficiency,after cleaning, the cottonseed will have minimal impurities.

2. Shelling machine/Crushing machine: The tooth roller crusher has a pair of tooth rollers to remove the shell. The material go into the tooth roller by the feeder, the speed and difference and the pressure between the pair rollers can cut and extrude the sunflower seeds, the shell will change shape and be crushed.

The machine rollers are high strength alloy steel gold roller, long service life, good effect wear-resisting, easy to maintain, and the spare parts are easy and cheap to get.

3. Shell and kernel separating screen: Cylinder beating screen rotate in different speed and direction. There are several beating sticks on the axle, the end of the beating stick closed to the cylinder’s inner wall is inclining, it has the function of beating and pushing. Through the screen hole the sunflower kernel can be separated.

The machine use the high strength screen. It has the advantage of reasonable design structure, best separation effect, high working efficiency and so on.

4. Flaking: The propose of flaking is broke the cell tissue of the cottonseed, separate the oil easily. It use the alloy flaking roller, the service is twice than the normal roller.

It is automatic hydraulic roller adjusting system, can guarantee the thick-even(≤0.3mm).The whole machine seal good efficient.

5. Roasting: Use layer type roasting machine, each layer the mixing wings from the bottom is 5mm, it avoid that the material stay on the bottom and mixing unevenly. The whole cattle is sealed, thus can keep the space upon the flake material has maximum moisture, can guarantee the flake material fully and evenly roasted.

6. Expanding: It is composed by frequency conversion feeding system, expander cylinder, extruding auger, steam adjusting system, electric control cabinet and transmission.

7. Filtering: Use the automatic slag-discharging filter to avoid manual cleaning the filter cloth with high efficiency. The filtered oil slag go to recycle-press automatically,which section also has clarification slag-dredger to guarantee the crude oil has minimum slag residue and also guarantee the effect of the following de-gumming section.

8. Drying machine: The drying machine is layer structure, when the steam enters the machine, it will remove the moisture and increase the temperature for the material to reach the best condition for extraction.

9. Conveying machine: The conveying equipment is good working performance, best sealing effect. The motors and reducers are Chinese famous brand.

Cottonseed Oil processing Machine Technology advantage:

1) The process is mechanization and continuity, reduce the human labor, reduce the cost of human source.

2) Advanced de-dust system, guarantee the clean of workshop, reduce the dust emission.

3) All the transmission equipment use the oil equipment special configuration, long service time, good working performance.

4) All equipment use automatic welding one-step molding technology, accuracy design, good appearance, best seal effect.

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