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Cottonseed Dephenolation Protein Equipment

Cottonseed Dephenolation Protein Equipment

Description:Cottonseed Protein Dephenolization Equipment is Huatai patented product, which mainly include low temperature pretreatment section, oil extraction of cottonseed oil section, cotton cake dephenolization section, etc.

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Type: Complete set of oil production line

Capacity: 20-2000T/D

Application: Cottonseeds, oilseeds.

Cottonseed oil has rich nutrients, but it contains a special harmful material------gossypol, which make crude cottonseed oil inedible, the cottonseed oil can eat after dephenolization and refining. Cottonseed protein dephenolization equipment is our patent product, mainly includes low temperature oilseeds pretreatment, solvent extraction , dephenolization, etc. 
Cottonseed Protein Dephenolization Equipment is Huatai Oil Machinery patented product, which mainly include low temperature pretreatment section, oil extraction of cottonseed oil section, cotton cake dephenolization section, etc.

Firstly cottonseeds is processed through delinting, husking, flaking, then through further processing of one-time solvent extraction, drying and removing toxic substance of gossypol in low temperature to obtain the cottonseed protein.

Degossypolized cottonseed protein processing methods:

1. Liquid - liquid - Solid method: firstly extract the cottonseed oil then extract the gossypol, which can give full play to the performance of No.6 oil extraction solvent, but also make the extraction effect of gossypol extracted by methanol achieve the best condition.

The process: After a series of low-temperature quenching, the cottonseed will be sent to the oil extractor for extracting the cottonseed oil. The extracted wet meal will have the processing of desolventizing by multistage dephenolizing extraction machine, then through mechanical desolventizing and low temperature drying desolventizing can obtain the product of degossypolized cottonseed protein. After filteration,the extracted cottonseed mixed oil enter to hierarchical evaporation and stripping to obtain crude oil, and then enter into oil refining workshop. The solvent which had extracted cottonseed oil and protein will be reuse by comprehensive recover system respectively.

2. Mixed solvent method: It adopt mixed solvent extraction in one oil extractor with two or more kinds of solvents, while removing the oil that can also remove the gossypol from the cottonseed. Extracted mixed oil have hierarchical processing (two solvents are different proportion) that mixed oil will obtain crude cottonseed oil through hierarchical evaporation and stripping, and the solvent mixed with gossypol will be distilled and reused after cooling.

New technology features:

(l) The whole process using low temperature one-time extraction processing method, it can maximize avoid protein denaturation and destruction, and ensure the nutritional potency of cottonseed protein product.

(2) Using two kinds of solvents to extract cottonseed oil and remove gossypol that can ensure to extract oil and remove gossypol quickly and thoroughly.

(3) Dedicated multi-stage degossypolizing extraction equipment can quickly extract out a large number of free gossypol in a short time and avoid the generation of degeneration gossypol, bound gossypol and other forms of gossypol derivatives.

(4) At the same time of degossypolizing, it also can remove the raffinose, tannin, phytic acid, aflatoxin, pesticide residues and other toxic substances in the cottonseed.

(5) Dedicated oil extractor has features of high extraction efficiency and low equipment investment. After oil extraction, the wet meal containing solvent can directly be removed gossypol without desolventizing process, avoid the thermal denaturation of proteins, and reduce energy consumption.

(6) The low-temperature process can not make the pigment to solidify into materials and oil, so there is low pigment content in crude oil and also cottonseed oil quality can be fully guaranteed.

(7) The whole oil extraction, dephenolizing and solvent recovery systems carry out slight negative pressure operation and exhaust emissions can be regulated quantitative emissions, and have a series of measures to ensure the separation and recovery of the solvent that minimize the solvent consumption, so that ensure this project can achieve considerable economic benefits.

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