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Cooking Oil Pretreatment & Pressing Machine

Cooking Oil Pretreatment & Pressing Machine

Description:Pretreatment and pressing section is a very important section before extraction and refining section. It will directly affect oil extraction and refining effect.

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Processing Material: Rice bran, Soybean, Groundnut, Cottonseeds, Sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds etc.

Processing Capacity: 30-1000T/D

Preprocessing the basic technological process: 

Material → cleaning→ shelling & peeling →crushing → softening → flaking → expansion → to extraction workshop

Each section of pretreatment & pre-pressing introduction:

1. Cleaning section: 

Purpose: To reduce the fat loss, improve the oil yield and the quality of oil, cake/meal and byproducts, reduce equipment wear, extend equipment life, avoid accidents and ensure safety in production, improve equipment effective processing capacity of oilseed, eliminate and reduce the dusty in workshop.

Methods: Screening, winnowing, specific gravity stoner, magnetic separation, mud and dust removal.

2. Shelling & Peeling:

Shelling purpose: To improve the oil yield and the quality of crude oil and cake/meal, reduce equipment wear, increase the equipment effective production be good for flaking and the subsequent handling and the comprehensive use of husk.

Peeling purpose: To improve the protein content and reduce the cellulose content in the cake/meal, enhance the value of the cake/meal. In addition, it can let the color of the crude extraction oil become light and lower the wax content, improve the quality of crude extraction oil.

3. Crushing:

Purpose: Crushing the oilseed with a certain granularity to meet the flaking conditions; After crushing, the surface area of the oilseeds will be increased, beneficial for the transfer of temperature and moisture when softening and the increase of softening effect; For much larger particles of the pressed cake, which must be broken into smaller particles, that will be more conducive to extract crude oil.

Requirements: After crushing, should be uniform size, no oil, no conglobation, less powders, and the particle size should meet the requirements.

4. Softening:

Objective: Through the regulation of oilseed’s temperature and moisture, the oilseed has a suitable elastic-plastic, which will reduce the degree of powder and stick-on-roller phenomenon, ensure the quality of the flakes. When flaking, softened oilseed can also reduce pressure roller wear and machinery vibration, so as to help the normal flaking operation.

Requirements: The softened granularity has suitable elastic-plastic and uniform size, can meet the requirements of the flaking process.

5. Flaking:

Purpose: To destroy the tissue cells of oilseeds, increase the surface area of oilseeds, shorten the process of oil begin to emerge, be in favor of oil extraction, and also can help to improve the effect of steaming and roasting.
Requirements: The flakes need be thin and uniform, small powder degree, without oil leakage.

6. Expansion:

Oil expansion using extrusion equipment will go through the process of crushing, flaking or whole oilseed transformed into porous expansion pellet.

Purpose: Expansion will increase the volume weight and more free oil on the outer surface, then that will improve the extraction rate and the extraction time will be shortened. In addition, it can passivate the enzymes such as lipoxygenase etc. and improve the quality of the extracted crude oil.

Technology advantage of our oilseeds pre-treatment and pre-pressing equipment:

1. Our designed process with the features of mechanization and continuity will reduce the labor strength and human source;
2. Advanced de-dust system can guarantee the clean work environment and reduce the dust emission;
3. All the conveyors adopt the special configuration for oil equipment with long service time and good working performance;
4. All equipments use automatic welding one-step molding technology and accuracy design with good appearance and best seal effect.

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