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200T/D Rice Bran Oil Physical Refining Equipment in Cambodia


Raw Material: Rice Bran
Productive Capacity: 200T/D
Processing Line: Full continuous Grade-1 rice bran oil physical refining equipment
Customer's Company: REPKAJAYA SDN. BHD

We are in complete product quality management and reliable operation of the quality assurance system, has been awarded provincial "contract Shou letter." 2007 "Hang Peng" trademark in Henan Province Administration for Industry and Commerce as "Henan Province"; 2008 puffed rice bran, leaching equipment was rated "outstanding new products in Anyang City"; August 2008 "Hang Peng" brand grease machinery in Henan Province quality and Technical Supervision was rated "outstanding products in Henan Province", in October 2011 was named "Top Ten Chinese food machine brands." Through years of practice, I am in the vegetable oil pretreatment, pre-pressing, extraction, refining process and equipment design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and so has a wealth of production experience and practice, the majority of users.

If you have any interest to rice bran oil machinery, welcome to to visit our website and factory, and send email for free quotation: info06@cnoilmachine.com

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